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Many of us have heard of friends, relatives, and coworkers starting new workout routines dubbed as “boot camp.”  Although, few of us really know what a boot camp workout actually entails. Luckily Dan B. and Scott I. in nursing are two of the elite C&A employees here to tell us.

These two employees come from similar backgrounds as they were both high school athletes who were once in peak physical shape. Since high school Dan and Scott have taken two different paths. Dan has been a committed boot camp attendee for more than two years and is currently in the midst of his 13th boot camp session. Dan’s self-described “natural rippling muscles and six-pack” are easily noticed. 

Scott, on the other hand, has been staying active in a variety of ineffective ways since his “glory” days. As this is his first session of boot camp, Scott was the first to notice he has fallen far behind his physical prime and is glad Dan convinced him to join the ultimate workout. Scott says jokingly that he occasionally groans that he is going to be so sore tomorrow and he wakes up in cold sweats thinking about the workouts.

Dan and Scott both say that boot camp lets you know where you stand right away. The instructor directs the class to go through a variety of vigorous workouts that combine cardiovascular and strength training. Although it is intense, they insist that any potential newcomers should not be intimidated as there is a variety of different age groups and fitness levels that attend the class. 

Scott was humbled quickly as he was one of the slowest members in the first class, but has quickly reached the middle of the pack by only the third session! Dan and Scott laughed together as they remember several of the elderly members of the class blowing by Scott when they did “suicides” up and down the basketball court. You could see the glow in Dan’s eye as he reminisced when that was him dragging his rear end through the exercises watching everybody fly by.

Both describe boot camp as a truly positive environment where everyone is given time and encouragement to finish all the exercises. Dan is a self-described “wild card” and really enjoys the added discipline of a group workout. Not to mention the added commitment because Scott is counting on Dan to be at each session and vice versa. Although the sessions start at 5 am they are convinced that it is a great, fast paced way to jump start their day and week. They state another benefit of the class is that it is full of other highly motivated and successful individuals. As Dan is a family man, the early workout provides added time to spend with his wife and child after work and he is still able to maintain his physical well-being.

Each boot camp session lasts six weeks and you can sign up to attend up to five sessions per week. Currently, Scott and Dan attend two sessions per week and do a variety of other activities the other five days to stay fit. Their ultimate goal is to lose enough weight to become the new Weigh to Goal team champions. Keep an eye on these rising stars as they are certain they will be climbing the charts as the biggest losers in the Weigh to Goal competition. 

Many gyms and trainers offer a version of boot camp for those ready to take on an ultimate fitness class that combines exercises such as lunges, pushups, pull-ups, burpies, suicides, and 2 mile runs. Please feel free to contact Dan and Scott to find out where they tackle their ultimate challenge and they will be more than happy to help! If you’re not sure what some of the exercises discussed in this article are, that is all the more reason for you to sign up for your first session of boot camp ASAP.

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