C&A hosts Employee “Chats” with CEO

In response to employee suggestions focused on increasing communication through out the company, C&A is hosting a series of lunch gatherings bringing together various employees and Scot Thompson, C&A’s CEO.

I had the pleasure of taking part in C&A’s first CEO Chat on February 17. The plan is to have employees in groups of seven or eight meet with Scot so that all have met with him eventually. The meetings are during the lunch hour and employees are encouraged to bring ideas, questions, and concerns about any topic pertaining to our company. 

My group consisted of people from each division of C&A. It was an open forum discussion covering a variety of topics brought up by the employees. Topics ranged from how our internal computer system can be more efficient to hiring and retention suggestions.

Overall, I found the chat to be a great learning experience. I got a chance to understand in more detail what issues other divisions deal with on a day-to-day basis while enjoying a great lunch in a comfortable setting! I also had a chance to put a face with a name meeting several employees from other divisions who I do not normally get the change to meet. With just under 400 people at C&A, it is hard to get to know every single person, so this type of event is a great way to throw people together who normally wouldn’t interact.

Stephanie Witt, C&A Recruiter, Team Lead

Stephanie Witt, C&A Recruiter, Team Lead

About Stephanie Witt
Stephanie began her career with C&A Industries in January of 2008 as a Corporate Recruiter – Team Lead. In this role she is responsible for hiring for internal positions under the C&A umbrella of companies. Stephanie has a BS in Business Administration from UNL. Away from work, she is consumed with caring for her two little boys and trying to get back into a workout routine!

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