Employee on the Go — Michael B.

Employee on the Go and AurStaff Account Manager, Mike Barnes

Employee on the Go and AurStaff Account Manager, Mike Barnes

Keeping active has always been a top priority to Michael B. of AurStaff. He can’t stand to be in the house all day! Growing up he always wanted to play in pop warner baseball with his friends, but his Dad wouldn’t let him play because he was blind in his left eye and his father was afraid for him. It took him years to convince his dad, but in the summer of his 8th grade year his dad let him play telling him he better do a good job. After his first game his dad bragged to everyone about how good he was and that set in motion the drive to do well in all sports and even win a scholarship to college through football and track.

He likes to keep in shape to be a role model for his son Kollin, 11 years old. It means a lot to Michael to bond with his son in this way and it doesn’t hurt that it’s fun now too!  He doesn’t have to throw the ball underhand anymore when they play catch!  Kollin is proving to be a lot like his dad on the field too, just as intense, but a little more laid back.  “What can I say, the competitive spirit never dies!” says Michael.

When Michael was younger he traveled playing softball often playing 400 games per summer on a league. They were state champs in 1996 and 1997, qualifying for Nationals in 1994 through 1999.

Once Kollin was born Michael slowed down quite a bit and soon felt he was missing something. Now he’s back playing on his church softball team and enjoys it more than ever. He plays basketball with his church as well and loves being able to run up and down the basketball court with the twenty year olds. “I am by far the oldest player on the court and the guys keep telling me there is no way I am 42 years old. It really makes you feel good to know you can still keep up with ‘youngens’,” states Michael proudly.

When not on the court, Michael can be found on his Boflex tred climber at home, throwing in weight and various interval training to mix things up. He is keeping his body fit and is at the top of his game working full time and attending college to obtain his MBA in human resources.

All of Mike’s hard work staying in shape is paying off big. Mike recently won first place in the men’s category of C&A’s annual weight loss competition, Weigh to Goal. He lost an impressive 7.72% of his body weight during a three month period.

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