New C&A Hiring Practices Put You in the Driver’s Seat

Being an HR recruiter definitely has its challenges. Finding qualified candidates to fill sales and recruiting positions in our various staffing divisions is not an easy task. We currently have many practices in place to assist us in finding those “diamonds in the rough”.  We utilize sales assessments and various other computer assessments on top of gauging the candidate’s skill level through behavioral and work-related questions. We also take into consideration personality, drive, work ethic, team skills, and more. Are they a right fit for our company and for the position? Maybe more importantly, are WE the right fit for THEM?

Many factors go into play when considering a candidate for employment. Not only do we want to make sure the candidate will be a good fit, but we want to make sure that they will be happy in the position and that they know the expectations of them up front. In doing so, we have recently implemented a new hiring practice that will not only give us a good feel of the candidate’s skill level, but more importantly, will give the candidate a good feel of what the job entails!

During our third interview (or ‘observation’ as we call it) following the phone interview, the candidate and the hiring manager meet face-to-face. After a brief Q&A session, the candidate will sit on the sales floor, observe the team-oriented environment, and listen to phone calls being conducted by our sales staff. This gives the candidate a true account of what a typical day consists of at C&A Industries.

However – we take it a step further. Now, the tables are turned and the candidate will actually sit in the ‘sales’ chair and make recruiting phone calls (with a little scripted help of course!). Not only does this help us determine if the candidate is willing and able to do the job, but it helps the candidate to determine if this is something they can see themselves doing on a daily basis!

In our collaborated effort between HR, hiring managers, and candidates, we at C&A feel that this new implementation will benefit all of those involved. What other company gives you a real live ‘taste’ of what your job will be like? Perhaps that is one of the reasons why C&A employees have voted us as one of Omaha’s Best Places to Work for two years in a row!

Tell us what you think of our new hiring practice in the comment section and we’ll be sure to keep readers updated on how our new program is going.

Melissa Gunset, C&A Industries Corporate Recruiter

Melissa Gunset, C&A Industries Corporate Recruiter

About Melissa Gunset
Melissa began her career with C&A Industries in July of 2008 as a corporate recruiter. Working in the HR department, Melissa is responsible for hiring for internal positions across all C&A divisions. Melissa has a BS in marketing from Northern Illinois University. She is a Chicago native who recently relocated to Omaha, and she spends her free time with her husband and daughter.

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