Employee on the Go — Sarah Bonow

Sarah Bonow, May Employee on the Go

Sarah Bonow, May Employee on the Go

For this employee, remaining active is a way of life. Sarah Bonow, who is the Operations Manager of Celebrity Staff, likes to stay active by participating in group fitness classes at her gym, walking with friends, and also running. Like many people, Sarah has a hectic schedule so it can be difficult to find time to fit in her fitness.

“I have to just make time. Some weeks are easier than others, and I have to turn down a lot of happy hours, but I feel so much better for it,” Sarah says.  She also recommends finding the time of day that best works for you. For her, evenings work best and give her a chance to clear her mind and de-stress from the day.

Everyone has his or her own personal reason for staying active. For Sarah, it’s the feeling she gets when finished. “I believe I’m a lot easier to be around when I have worked out. It’s a great stress reliever, increases your endorphins, and just makes me more energetic.”

On May 2 Sarah completed her very first half marathon. In the past she’s participated in several organized events, such as the Corporate Cup, Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer walk/run, and the Memorial Day Run at Boys Town; however this will be the longest organized run she’s completed. Running the 13.2 miles is a huge accomplishment because of all the sweat and dedication that went into training for it.

“Training is tough, like everything else, you are on a limited and busy schedule, the weather does not always cooperate and life gets in the way sometimes. Luckily, I have several friends also participating in the run and they keep me motivated to keep working,” Sarah said.

In fact, group fitness is one of Sarah’s favorite ways to stay in shape. She participates in free fitness classes through her gym membership at Lifetime Fitness. Some of her favorite classes include Total Conditioning, which is an interval class, Kickboxing and Dance Jam. She says the classes challenge her to work harder. With an instructor she feels she is able to not stress about what to do next, rather she just listens and reacts.

When asked about her summer plans for staying active, Sarah is most excited about yard work and mowing her lawn. “I love mowing because you get to be outside, getting something done and getting a little work out in at the same time!”

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