What Is Your Online Reputation?

Social media is all around us and it has evolved since the first launch of MySpace. Everyone has one, whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or blogging, and that’s just to name a few. 

Everyone is connected in one way shape or form, but have you checked out your online reputation lately? 

Don’t be surprised, but employers are looking online to see what information is out there about you! What are they looking for you ask? Well, that would be called “digital dirt.”   The term could refer to that picture of you at a party with one too many “liquid fun.”  Before you know it, you’ve been tagged over and over again with comments from your friends about what happened that night.

What ever happened to reference checking and your professional behavior that was displayed during an interview?  Isn’t that enough?  Not quite.

Thanks to search engines, everyone and I mean everyone can access and unravel everything about you.  Research has found that only 7 percent of job seekers believe that available online information affected their search while 70 percent of HR professionals have turned down a candidate based on what they found online.

So, before you start your job search, do a little research on yourself.  You just might want to adjust that privacy setting on your social networking account.

Souce:  Online Reputation in a Connected World, Cross-Tab Marketing Services (for Microsoft), 2010



About Susie  Fredericks:  Susie began her career with C&A in November 1999.  In her current role as a corporate recruiter, she’s responsible for hiring for internal positions under the C&A umbrella of companies.

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