Employee on the Go: Biking A Family Affair

Each August, bicyclists from around the metro hit downtown Omaha for the annual Corporate Cycling Challenge. In its 20th year, this is Nebraska’s largest one day bicycling event offering participants the choice of riding 10, 25, or 42 miles depending on their skill level and training. C&A employees were invited to participate in the event for the third consecutive year with cyclists from several divisions coming out for the ride.

Steve Wilson, account manager with Aureus Group, took advantage of the opportunity to not only enjoy the nice summer weather, but get some physical exercise and brought his family to enjoy the day with him. Steve shared a little about their day on the course.

Why did you decide to do the Corporate Cycling Challenge?
Bike riding is something that we enjoy doing as a family. This is a great ride and the day ended up being perfect weather for riding.

How many times have you completed the Corporate Cycling Challenge?
This is the fourth consecutive year that we have participated in the cycling challenge. My wife and two daughters, Jillian, 9 and Paige, 12, plus my brother and sister-in-law and their child joined us. My wife and youngest daughter completed the 10 mile, and my oldest daughter and I tackled the 25 mile course.

What type of training did you do for this event?
We usually ride about two times per week. The training definitely helps. We wanted to make sure that our daughters were prepared and able to complete the course, so we were very good about tracking progress. My oldest daughter and I trained and rode up to 23 miles to train, and my youngest daughter wanted to make sure she knew what she was getting into so she worked up to the 10.5 miles. She started the year on a bike with training wheels and couldn’t even ride a mile. With preparation and encouragement, she was able to complete the 10-mile course.

Is there any thing that you would do differently next time?
My oldest daughter and I are going to plan on doing the longest, 42-mile ride next year. I think with the proper training and preparation we will be able to complete it. Also, we are all going to invest in gel seats for our bikes. It would go a long way in making the ride more comfortable.

Did you set goals for the ride?
Basically, our goal was for everyone to finish the ride. We weren’t worried about coming in at a certain time – we just wanted to have fun and complete the course. After we all crossed the finish line, we always go to Louie M’s for burgers – everyone enjoys that!

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