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Happy Fall!  I recently began my Professional Development Part 2 Course.  C&A offers many opportunities for employees to better themselves personally and professionally.  Although these classes are not required, it is a great opportunity to take advantage of. 

One of the classes offered is professional development.  This is a 10-week long course that includes topics such as Conflict Management, Generations in the Workplace, Assertiveness and Ethics for Everyone, just to name a few. This class helps you become aware of your weaknesses and strengths and how to apply them in different situations in the workplace. 

One of the topics in the class now that we are focusing on is EQ, Emotional Intelligence.  It is a hot topic in today’s society, being taught in Masters programs nationwide.  We are in the middle of studying how valuable EQ is.  People with higher EQs are said to make $29,000 more per year than their counterparts!  I hope to learn a lot more valuable information that I can apply in my position here with C&A.

Like many companies in the area, C&A is great at offering the tools an individual needs to be successful.  I have found that it is up to me to take full advantage of these opportunities in order to grow to the best of my ability professionally. 

What type of opportunities does your workplace offer for you to grow professionally?

About Stephanie Witt:
Stephanie began her career with C&A Industries in January of 2008 as a Corporate Recruiter – Team Lead. In this role she is responsible for hiring for internal positions under the C&A umbrella of companies. Stephanie has a BS in Business Administration from UNL. Away from work, she is consumed with caring for her two little boys and trying to get back into a workout routine!

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