Move it.

C&A’s Wellness Committee, AurHealth, continues to come up with clever ways to promote health and well-being at the office.  This group, comprised of a cross-section of employees from across C&A does such a great job of keeping wellness top of mind and encouraging employees like me to take ownership of our own health.    

For most of us, our days are full, overflowing actually, between our responsibilities at work and at home.  So often, life moves at a feverish and frantic pace.  We hardly know if we’re coming or going.  For me, it seems like wellness is the first thing to fly out the window. 

I’m the classic, “I’ll do better tomorrow,” person.  It’s nothing for me to swap a workout for a lunchtime errand or opt for the Mc D. drive-thru on those days when the morning rush leaves little time to prepare my lunch ahead of time.  I need to make a conscious effort or wellness – my own personal wellness – doesn’t take a seat at the VIP table. 

This makes me appreciate, even more, the work of our wellness worker bees and banner wavers at C&A. 

Just recently, the AurHealth team organized a Poker Walk.  What a fun way to get employees up and moving over the lunch hour.  Participants took to the 1-mile course and earned playing cards along the way.  Those with the best hands at the finish won prizes.  The event was the precursor to our recently launched Walking Club, which will be active during the lunch hours over the spring and summer months.

Earlier in the year, employees lost more than 500 pounds during our annual Weigh-to-Goal contest.  Thanks to the weekly weigh-ins, a great prize to shoot for, and the support of my fellow participants, I shed more than 25 lbs. in 12-weeks!  This was a huge accomplishment for this life-long dieter.

Our annual Health Fair here at our corporate headquarters in March was awesome.  Employee attendance was up, due in large part to Wellness being even more present at the office, the improvements made to existing programs and events, and the many new ones this dedicated team comes up with throughout the year.

And just this morning, I was reading the latest “Stall Street Journal” issue about making an active lifestyle a family affair.  It gave me some ideas that I can try out at home with my little ones.

More than a great employee perk, I think our Wellness program is a necessity.  When I’m healthier I’m happier and when I’m happier I’m more productive in all facets of my life, including at the desk where I sit writing this post.  I know my co-workers feel the same. 

I may not participate in each and every Wellness event, but knowing that they are available to me goes a long way.  And, it’s a constant reminder – that kick in the pants that I seem to need – to make my own health a priority.


About Mary Carrick:

Mary is a Sr. Communications Specialist with C&A Industries, Inc.  In her role, she’s responsible for crafting spot on copy for internal and external audiences, coordinating public relations efforts, co-producing videos, and various other special projects.  Outside of her career at C&A, she’s a professional singer, an actress, and a mom.

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