Walking together

Lately, I’ve become really fascinated by what brings people together.  You know, that sense of community you have with people you may not know well or even not at all simply because you’re connected by a common thread.

Maybe it’s the time in which we live and all that’s going on in the world.  When something big happens, it’s comforting to think about someone thousands of miles away reading virtually the same headline in the daily paper and feeling the same angst, fear, exuberance, or sense of hope as you.

I’ve also been thinking about my own workplace – the people I regularly work with and also those I pass in the hallways, give a “hey” to at the copy machine, and chat it up with while in line for the microwave in the break room.

We have quite a few causes that we support at C&A.  Some are “corporate” driven causes and others are spearheaded by employees.  But, it’s most inspiring when there’s a cause that’s deeply rooted in the corporate “who we are” but is also passionately supported by our employee family.  It connects us and unites us – people from different departments and across all levels of the company, including our execs on the top floor.

The NAMI Walk is one of the big events of the year for us.  You may not be familiar with NAMI, but chances are you know someone who is affected by mental illness.

NAMI provides education, support, and advocacy for those who are suffering from mental illnesses as well support for their caregivers, family members, and friends.  It’s an important organization that does extraordinary work on behalf of those who are struggling, are in a dark place, and need somewhere to turn.

One of the ways C&A supports the work of NAMI Nebraska is through the annual NAMI Walk.  We’ll be there on June 11th in Omaha’s Elmwood Park.  C&A is a corporate sponsor, but the real shout out goes to our employees who support the walk with great passion and fervor.

Our enthusiastic committee members have planned a slate of activities to engage our colleagues and raise funds.  So far, we’ve had a breakfast, a grill-out, and next week we’ll each kick in some cash so we can spend a couple of work days in our comfy jeans.  We’re getting really close to our fundraising goal.

And, of course, there’s the C&A contingent who will walk together at the event.  Some will have their kiddos in tow.  Others may bring their spouses or significant others.

It’s inspiring to see compassion in action.  It’s inspiring to see that common thread bring people together.

We’re crossing our fingers for a bright and sunny day. Sunshine would be fitting for the NAMI Walk.  But regardless, together as a C&A community we will have helped make the future a little bit brighter for people who really need a ray of light.

Learn more about the NAMI Walk.

IMG_0562About Mary Carrick:

Mary is a Sr. Communications Specialist with C&A Industries, Inc.  In her role, she’s responsible for crafting spot on copy for internal and external audiences, coordinating public relations efforts, co-producing videos, and various other special projects.  Outside of her career at C&A, she’s a professional singer, an actress, and a mom.


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