Through the Eye of an Intern

I, along with all of the other summer interns, have navigated through the challenges of all-nighters, dorm roommates, and colossal paper piles that have accumulated over the course of the semester – all part of the oh-so-complex life of a college student. However, this summer posed a question that drew us closer together than any of us imagined. What do we do next and where do we begin? That question landed us all here – to C&A industries.

My search for the ultimate internship experience included something that would allow me to actively learn about the world of work within an expanding corporate setting as well as gain valuable work experience.

As a marketing major, I felt it beneficial to have a position where I could apply what was acquired in the classroom within my internship. Overall, having the opportunity to develop and build upon my skills was a priority.

Determined to find my perfect match, I went to Careerlink and began my search. There were several ads that caught my eye, but C&A Industries’ ad for their Summer Marketing Internship Program felt more than suitable.

The application was a simple process and an interview call was soon to follow. During my interview I was told there would be 12 candidates selected, which meant a drive for competitiveness and teamwork. Sure enough, I was one of the 12 that was selected and my internship journey was well underway.

I was nervous yet eager and open to anything and everything on that first day of orientation. All I knew at that moment was that I was in a room surrounded by 11 other selected peers – all of us here for the same reason – to learn, to grow, to experience.

The openness of opportunity for what an internship can hold can be overwhelming, but this is by far the most beneficial first step to advancing in your life as well as within the future career you’ve been hoping and dreaming for. Change is a word that holds so much strength, so much effectiveness, and so much power, yet is a word that takes adapting to.

The fear of the unknown and what the possibility of change could bring awaited me. Bring it on!

The relationships that I have already had the opportunity to establish have made a tremendous impact not only within my position, but also for me as a person as well. From the get go, I have realized that here at C&A Industries you are not just an intern or another number within the company. You hold worth and your voice is heard just like everyone else who walks the company halls; to me that speaks volumes.

Everyone is extremely personable and I just love that about the company’s atmosphere. Everyone here wants you to succeed and do your best. What an awesome reputation to be a part of!

I work within the AurStaff affiliate and have absolutely enjoyed every second of it! I have had the freedom to integrate my abilities into the team and perform duties that have given me great insight into how this leading staffing and recruitment agency continues to thrive. My experience thus far has allowed me to connect with candidates, to apply prominent communication skills, and inject my own creativity into ads and projects. The people and the intern experience have already delivered a lasting impression.

Back to that bold question that I was faced with months ago. I am thrilled the answer led me to this position with AurStaff and overall the opportunity to intern and express myself through this business experience.

Addison NokelsAddison Nokels is a senior at Creighton University, majoring in Business with an emphasis in Marketing. She is participating in the intern program at C&A Industries, working in AurStaff where she assists with phone calls, reference calls, interviews, and has completed a project presentation on Ad Writing. Addison is passionate about learning the strengths of others as well as integrating positivity into every situation. Addison is a member of the Creighton Women’s Soccer team. In addition to working and playing soccer, she enjoys decorating, planning events, painting, and spending time with friends and family.

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