Lessons in Leadership: Contagious Culture & Commitment to Clients

I landed the job of a lifetime when I was thirteen years old. As the founder and CEO of my own company, I handed out sparkly purple business cards and established a local clientele for weekly babysitting jobs. The hours were flexible and the benefits couldn’t be topped: macaroni and cheese, games in the treehouse, hours of sidewalk chalk, and – best of all – giving the kids back to their parents after a couple hours.

Although most of us prefer an office job that pays more than $20 and a couple cookies, we struggle to find something exciting that also meets life’s needs. As the U.S. economy continues to recover and unemployment decreases, people are again able to search for the perfect job and there’s never been a better time for companies to look to staffing agencies to fulfill their hiring needs. The competitive staffing industry is growing rapidly and C&A Industries is proud to attribute its success as a leader in the market to client-first corporate culture and, above all, integrity.

When I sat down with Craig Wolf, Vice President and General Manager of Aureus Medical Group, to discuss the company’s client leadership, I glanced at the words printed on his mousepad: Our mission is to be the staffing provider and employer of choice by helping people and companies achieve their goals. Wolf embodies this promise through his objectives and sincere words. “Our organization is very driven for success. We look at the numbers, but there’s nothing more important than patient care,” he said. Wanting the client to think of C&A Industries first, the organization honors its commitments and delivers results that have made it an outstanding competitor in the staffing industry.

The leadership team and employees alike appreciate the unique elements of being in the business of people. This, coupled with a dedication to values, has created a contagious culture. Positivity is a key element of the work environment and its impact on clients. Wolf enjoys meeting each new hire class the company trains and never tires of seeing the new employees’ amazement with the positivity and approachability of the other employees.

President and CEO, Scot Thompson, believes the company culture is passed on to clients and helps the organization to outperform in the marketplace. “It’s a culture that breeds not only success for people professionally, but breeds success in the service that we can provide to our clients.” He adds, “We’re all in it for improving the client experience and being a great place to work.” Although finding great people to exemplify this culture through their work can be a challenge, Thompson identifies it as one of the company’s major strengths.

The organization firmly believes that treating employees like part of the family from the very beginning will help to ensure that clients and candidates are served well. Thompson describes how deeply this philosophy values people by stating, “The results, or the earnings that we ascertain, are a function of all the elements we’re doing regarding serving our clients and our employees; that’s the result, not the goal.” The company’s service-oriented, positive culture has reinforced its position in the increasingly competitive staffing industry as a leader for its clients. C&A Industries may not offer us buckets of sidewalk chalk or endless amounts of mac and cheese, but its approach to leadership and valuing people is enough to convince me that the organization is committed to its clients and here to stay.

LibbyStevensonLibby Stevenson is a junior at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, majoring in Psychology and Leadership Education. She is working on projects in Training and Development for the second year with the C&A Industries Skills for Success Internship Program before leaving to study in Spain for two months. Libby is passionate about leadership, community service, and travel, and loves spending time with her friends and family.

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