Being Successful in the Workplace: A Reflection of You

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most incredible of them all? You most certainly are! A survey of adults by the American Psychological Association discovered that the most important factor to happiness and well-being is self-esteem. July 3rd is National Compliment Your Mirror Day. In celebration, take extra time to say something encouraging about yourself. While it may seem silly to some, starting the day with a confidence boost should be an integral part of everyone’s day. Seeing yourself in a positive light, despite obstacles in life, leads to long run success.

Self-esteem encompasses your overall feelings about yourself. It entails how much respect, positive regard, or self-love one has. Self-esteem can vary over time based on situations and experiences that shape your view. Related to self-esteem is self-confidence. Self-confidence is how you feel about your abilities. This trait varies based on the context. For example, I have low confidence in my ability to solve a Rubik’s cube!

Throughout the work day, we encounter moments where we question our ability. Affirmations are all about replacing those negative thoughts with something positive. An affirmation is a statement or proposition that is declared to be true. The process for creating an affirmation is quite simple. Pick affirmations that are present tense, not too long, remain positive, and repeat, repeat, repeat! If you are struggling to come up with one on your own, there are hundreds of affirmations online to choose from. Below are a few great affirmations:

I AM beautiful, warm-hearted and intelligent.

I deserve to be happy and successful.

I have the perfect job for me.

It is enough to have done my best.

I have a magnetic and dynamic personality.

Being able to repeat and believe affirmations will boost your self-esteem. In my retail job I would encounter people who were having a bad day and were determined to take everyone in their path down with them. Some make blatantly rude or demeaning comments; others would make subtle jabs at the business itself. I’m sure this happens in virtually every industry that has clients or customers. I remember two instances where my coworkers were left in tears from the harsh words of others. If we are the ones who have faced the ill-tempered, we begin intense internal dialogues with ourselves. We may feel regret or anger, maybe even disgust.

While being in that moment, I knew it was important to not let it knock me down. An overwhelming negative outlook will only limit my performance. The process of maintaining self-esteem in this situation was as simple as removing my doubt with positive thoughts. Through repeated affirmations that I offered the best service I could, I was able to move past the event and benefit as many customers as I could through the rest of the day.

When you embrace feelings of self-love, you are capable of being more confident. When confidence increases in new skill sets, you will increase your self-esteem. It is a cyclical process.

In the workplace, high self-esteem translates to employees who aren’t afraid to share their ideas, take on extra roles, and motivate others. Think about someone you know at work who exemplifies positive self-esteem. When a person exudes this trait, it is easy for others to accept them as role models. Isn’t it true that we are more likely to want to work with them and follow their lead?

Try making Compliment Your Mirror Day a year round event! Tomorrow, before you head out to start your day, take a few extra moments to look into your mirror, and say something nice about yourself! Having a positive outlook starts with you, but it has a profound effect on everyone.

Nina JenkinsNina Jenkins is working as a Training intern for C&A Industries. She graduated in May 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management and a minor in Economics. When Nina is not working, she enjoys spending time with her friends, family, and two cats. Her passions include antiquing, live music, and caring for animals.


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