How to Help Your Co-Workers Re-Attack Their Day

Are you inspiring the people around you to re-attack their day each time you speak?

Think about it, and then answer honestly. While you’re pondering, here’s a little food for thought:

There’s a strong chance you’ll talk to someone during a break today. Chances are you are about to engage in a conversation about the work you are currently doing or anticipating. Maximize this! Ask your buddy about the 4-day-long project that’s stressing him out. Figure out what’s going right, what’s missing, and why he isn’t reading this blog post. Unless he is inundated with work, dig a little. Ask him why he’s doing the project. It’s probably for a really good reason on which you can get them to re-focus. Re-attack.

In a recent conversation with one of my colleagues, I dug in and got to know her project. Not only did a chunk of her stress drain away while we talked, but when this blog was mentioned she commented, “Yes, please get me fired up about this again.” This is the best response you can get. Yes, she said it with a hint of sarcasm, but underneath was the sincere want for motivation that we all carry.

Former Navy SEAL turned Life Coach David Rutherford has a saying I’ve grown fond of: “Iron sharpens iron.” Pretty simple, isn’t it? There are equally simple ways to re-fortify your energy! Get up and stretch, write down why you’re working on the current task and how it’s going to help, set those little goals everyone talks about and watch them be achieved one by one. How are you feeling? Sharper? Good. Now it’s your turn to help the others around you!

The person that’s about to comment on an exhausting task or ask how you’re doing could be a bit ground down from the day. Your challenge is to get him so focused on the reason why he’s doing what he’s doing that he can’t wait to re-attack it. Once the two of you are committed to the reason behind your work, it’s time to move on to the next person. If your work environment has exactly greater than one of these sharp people, it is well on its way to a positive revolution. Not seeing that change? You may need to start it.

What about outside of the office? You’ve got to stay sharp no matter where you are. This doesn’t mean staying constantly alert, per se, but rather continually being open to chances to get the people around you focused on the positive. And for goodness’ sake, don’t use the same tired old, “You know, this is actually a glass-half-full situation,” line. Get to know specifically what’s going on with a person, give them meaningful feedback and questions, and take advantage of the opportunity to get to know someone while making them feel better!

So are you inspiring the people around you? Of course not, you’re finishing this post. But, you now have a game plan for the next opportunity that comes along. Learn all about the task that’s trying to wear down your friend, your colleague, or your family member and find them their re-focus, their re-energization, their re-attack!

Josh ClarkJoshua Clark is an intern with the IT Systems division of Aureus Group at C&A Industries. He writes lifestyle and motivational blogs and assists with company video creation while doing systems recruiting work. He’s been with the team for (just since May) years now! Joshua will be a senior at the University of Nebraska at Omaha next academic year studying Management Information Systems.

He’s a writer, reader, runner, singer, public speaker, and a guy who bites at writing about himself. In between creating a start-up, aspiring to be a motivational speaker, and abandoning the third person altogether, I love to pick apart the human condition one philosophy at a time. He encourages you to go re-attack your life.

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