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“Best” Feels Great!

Whether in the workplace, at home, at school, or in the various areas of our lives, working hard and being acknowledged for our accomplishments is a great feeling, isn’t it? Now think about receiving that pat on the back from one of your peers or someone else close to you. That’s even better.

Needless to say, we’re flying high at C&A. Recently, our company was named by our own employees as one of the Best Places to Work in Omaha – and for the seventh time.

This annual initiative, sponsored by the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce and Baird Holm, recognizes a select number of companies based on employee surveys which measure employee engagement and satisfaction. C&A falls in the large company category – those with more than 200 employees.

What an incredible compliment to be honored, as a company, by our very own. And it’s something we all take pride in, because we feel part of the greater whole.

To celebrate, C&A execs delivered cookies to all of our in-house employees!

I’ve been with C&A for almost 13 years. I’ve seen us more than double in size, climb further up the ladder in our industry, expand into new markets, and add company divisions.

But what keeps me here and what I hear my colleagues talk about in the break room is the care our company has for us. It’s the investment C&A makes in our professional and personal development; the fun family events we look forward to throughout the year; group lunches with our CEO; our heartfelt charitable focus companywide; the priority on health & wellness; the emphasis on recognizing great work year round; and a whole lot more.

C&A treated us to a great lunch, too.

I’m really proud to work for such great company where I’ve made not a career stop, but a career home. Congratulations to C&A and to all of my colleagues. We truly are one of the Best Places to Work. Thanks, teammates, managers, and our fantastic executives for making it so.


Mary Carrick is a Sr. Communications Specialist with C&A, Industries. She’s responsible for crafting spot-on copy for internal and external audiences, coordinating public relations efforts, co-producing videos, and various other special projects. Outside of her career at C&A, she’s a professional singer, an actress, and a mom.