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Making the Decision to “Trust the Process”

Being considerably the most impatient person in the world, hearing the feedback that I needed to relax and “trust the process” didn’t really resonate with me too well. We live in a world that has an increasing desire for instant gratification. When we want something, you better believe we want it now. Maybe we get angry because our internet browser didn’t load the video fast enough, or even felt impatient when waiting for our Amazon package to come (which is only two days with Amazon Prime, thank goodness). As our daily routines seem to become more and more fast-paced and efficient, it makes us incredibly irritable when we can’t control the pace of our personal and professional growth. As a result, I sometimes find myself frustrated and feeling disappointed.

As we approach planting season, I can’t help but reflect back on a sermon I listened to a couple years ago during college at Cornerstone Church in Ames, Iowa. A guest speaker, Dr. Alex Tuckness, spoke of the importance of slow and meaningful growth. He compared our growth to planting corn in the fields. When the seeds have been planted, it doesn’t look like anything has happened. There’s no sight of green coming up from out of the ground, no indicator that any life is happening down there, but the farmer knows that they’ve done what they can and they have to be patient.

Although we can’t see anything, there are so many things happening in the ground. Cultivation and growth are completely overtaking this seed and soon enough, we start to see it flourish into a field of green.

We could all afford to learn a little bit of wisdom from these farmers. In my reflection, here is my advice to you to help you make the decision to trust the process that you may be struggling with right now.

1. Whether you’re working on your personal growth, physical or mental health, professional goals, or otherwise, you have to relax and “trust the process”.
2. To do something right is likely done by taking your time and putting your effort into the smallest details. The process might take longer, but it will be sustainable and worthy.
3. Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up. As impatient as I may be, trying to hurry things up won’t necessarily get me my results any faster.

The next time you feel defeated from working hard and seeing no result, think back to the seed. When no one could see anything, it was undergoing so much growth and change. Appreciate the progressions and setbacks in life and it will make the process an exciting journey. Slow down because life is short and you need to enjoy the ride! Can you relate? When have you found yourself becoming frustrated because you didn’t trust the process?

Mallory Earll recently graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a minor in History. She currently serves as a Project Manager with C&A Industries in the Training and Development department. In her free time, Mallory enjoys being active and outdoors as much as possible, traveling, spending time with loved ones, and listening to lots of country music.