C&A Named One of the World’s Largest in Staffing

We’re excited here at C&A and have news to share! We’ve just been recognized within our industry as one of the 100 largest staffing firms in the world.

This is the second year C&A has been included on the “top 100” by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), the go-to advisor on staffing and workforce solutions worldwide. C&A ranks #83 on the elite list of SIA’s global 100. While we may not have an official company cheer, we certainly feel the C&A pride.


What are we talking about, really, in terms of “largest staffing firms”? How do the 100 staffing largest firms relate to the greater whole across the globe? In industry terms, it’s measured in revenue associated with the prior fiscal year, in this case 2016. Collectively, the top 100 companies represent 2016 revenue of $190 billion (or 44%) of a global, worldwide staffing market of $428 billion. That’s substantial market share.

Among the staffing firms recognized, 43 are headquartered in the United States, 34 are publicly listed, and the majority of companies operate in multiple countries. C&A is privately held and does business exclusively in the United States.

Breaking it down, from a national perspective, C&A currently ranks as the 28th largest staffing firm in the country. Aureus Medical Group, our largest of our four affiliate staffing firms that comprise C&A, is currently the nation’s 5th largest healthcare staffing firm.


What drives our success in this competitive industry? Of the thousands of companies that connect people with job opportunities, each one is working to capture a bigger piece of the market pie.

At C&A, what sets us apart in our people-centric business are our very own people from our recruiters and managers to our trainers, marketing pros, support staff, accounting gurus, and so on. Essentially, our team is full of great people whose goal it is to find great people for our clients and to help great professionals discover rewarding careers.

No matter what our role is, we keep excellence top of mind, we’re knowledge seekers, and we focus on doing our very best for our customers and for each other. We think success and we aim for success while being mindful of the strength that comes from working together.

In August, a large contingent of team C&A gathered in front of our headquarters building and gazed at the sky to catch the solar eclipse. It was an amazing sight. We like to think of our company’s future as amazing, too. And while we may not be the sun, our team – our co-workers – shine just as bright.

Want to experience for yourself why C&A is such a great place to work? Check out our opportunities and consider joining us for the amazing ride.


  1. By Paul Piro

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