How to Make the Most Out Of Your Internship

You accomplished a huge goal and landed an awesome summer internship! What most students don’t realize is that landing the internship isn’t the biggest hurdle, actually taking advantage of your opportunity as an intern is. Many people get an internship just so they can put it on their resume, but the key is to try to learn as much as you can over the summer! Here are some tips I have learned throughout my time at C&A Industries.

Ask questions
I put this one first because I think it’s the hardest thing to do as an intern. You are trying to impress your boss and show that they hired you for a reason, but in reality an internship is an opportunity to learn how to apply your school work to the real world. Our Training and Development Executive Director, Liz Hall, said it best during one of our workshops, “They hired you not only because you are more than capable, but because they also saw that you were willing to learn”. So take advantage and soak it all in!

Get involved in everything
Once you feel comfortable asking questions, the next step is putting yourself out there and volunteering for all the projects or events that pop up. This summer I talked to my boss about my other interests outside of my specific role and to my surprise she actually set up times for me to shadow with other departments. This allowed me to get my hands on more projects and more activities to really diversify my day and allow me to gain even more knowledge than I ever expected. One of my shadowing experiences led me to my final summer presentation topic and another helped me learn how to better use social media to market myself.

Build relationships
The final and probably most important step in getting the most out of a summer internship is to really network throughout your entire summer. As you work with your team, shadow other teams, or even get to know the other interns, make sure you are adding your new connections on LinkedIn and stay in touch. These people are really there to help you no matter where your path leads you. My current internship supervisor even went above and beyond to help me prepare for my interview for a full-time job that will start after my internship ends (which I probably got thanks to her help).

I was really lucky that I got to intern at C&A Industries for many reasons. They take their internship program really seriously, every single person there wants to help you develop your skills, and you get to work with a really great group of people. No matter where your internship is, I am confident these tips will help you get the most out of your summer internship and help set yourself apart when you are trying to land a full-time job!

Morgan Mattly is currently a graduate Student at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. She is pursuing her Master’s degree in Business Administration. In her free time, she enjoys traveling with friends and family, listening to podcasts, and running.

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