Are You Recognizing Opportunities?

Natalie is currently an Intern with C&A Industries, Inc. through our Skills for Success Summer Internship Program and she is currently working with our affiliate, Celebrity Staff.

Opportunities. How many times a day do you hear someone talk about opportunities? If you’re like me, and you work in a staffing industry, hopefully, you hear it a lot. Opportunities present themselves every day. Whether it’s saying yes to an internship, or a job, or clicking on a job posting- they’re everywhere.

This time last year I was sitting in Fort Jackson trying to recover from an injury. I had just gotten back from convalescent leave and I was ready to leave; to go home, to go to AIT, I was just ready to get out of South Carolina. The place on base that I was doing rehab, FTC, was filled with other kids (I was 21, but there were some high schoolers there) waiting to heal. Together we did rehab and waited. Waited to heal and we waited to leave. But what separated people in FTC were that some of us saw this place as an opportunity. To heal and to improve on the physical activity that we could before we left to go back to training. Instead of sitting around complaining, we were doing push-ups and sit-ups (and complaining),and getting prepared for the moment we got cleared.

During my time there, I was PG (platoon guide, fancy term for the poor kid the drill sergeants yell at when things go wrong) and bay boss (the person the drill sergeants yells at when the bay was messy). Sure my position was stressful and I had limited personal time but I also grew. I learned time management, I learned to empathize with others in a way I hadn’t before. I learned how to triage crises and I learned that just because you’re scared and don’t want to do something, doesn’t mean you get to quit.

Another opportunity that recently developed was an internship. I have been working for Celebrity Staff for about seven months and my formal internship just started in May. For the past seven months, I’ve been able to sit at my desk and focus solely on compliance. It was the perfect role for balancing against my school and work duties. So becoming an intern and adjusting to going to additional meetings and gatherings when I typically sit and work has required a shift. But getting a chance to meet and work with people I normally would not interact with, getting the opportunity to improve my professional skills in a setting completely different than the one I’ve been in the past few months-it is definitely worth it.

My point here is that we, as individuals, are constantly faced with opportunities. They present themselves in ways that we can’t even imagine. Sometimes they require us to do things out of our comfort level. They can be big things like taking a new job or little things like asking for more responsibility at work or switching up your wardrobe. Being scared is no reason to deny yourself from opportunities for growth. Everything that you do and every chance you take is an opportunity to be better and to do better. To become more of what you want to be. So the next time someone asks you to step out of your comfort zone and into the spotlight, I dare you to say yes, and just do it.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

Thomas A. Edison


Natalee Hanway is a Political Science major at University of Nebraska at Omaha, upon graduation, she will be attending law school (although, the where is still undecided). At Celebrity Staff, she is a Compliance Specialist and also the Summer 2019 Intern. When not at work or at school, Natalee is outside or at the gym- and occasionally binge watching something on Hulu.

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