C&A Employee Puts Her Sewing Skills to the Test to Help Local Hospitals

With all of the recent changes happening around us, our days, nights, and weekends have shifted quite a bit—from driving kids to school and going into the office to date nights and vacations. But while our work environment might look a little different, that doesn’t stop our employees from going the extra mile to not only lend a helping hand to their co-workers, but those in the community as well!

Taylor Stenneche, Training and Talent Development Specialist, has put her 20+ years of needlework skills to the test by making medical masks for local hospitals in her free time. She first heard about facilities needing more masks when she a saw post on social media from her neighbor.

“My neighbor is a physician for the VA in Omaha and had posted an article on Facebook about the need,” said Stenneche. “It’s something I knew I could whip up, so I got to work.”  

With cutting, placing interfacing, and sewing, each mask Taylor puts together takes about 20 minutes with her fool-proof assembly operation, allowing her to make five or six at a time. So far, she has created a few dozen masks and already has requests to make 40 more for the VA. However, it’s not just hospitals that Taylor has helped.  She has also been able to send some masks to family members that are healthcare workers.

“I have a sister-in-law who is a SLP and has to re-use her N-95 mask over and over right now when she visits her patients; so the fabric mask is helping her extend the life of the N-95,” said Stenneche.

At C&A, we are proud of how much heart and dedication our employees put into making a difference in the community and helping those who need us most. Not to mention, we are thankful for all the extraordinary people who are out there on the frontlines taking care of our friends, family, and neighbors!

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