Internship Insight: We Add Value in the Smallest and Most Important Ways

I’m in my first phase of a summer internship at C&A Industries with its affiliate Aureus Medical Group, a national leader in the healthcare staffing industry. I’ve worked in corporate environments before, so I’m mindful of how organizations set themselves apart.

In my first week, I conducted quality service surveys where healthcare employees on travel (contract) assignments with our client hospitals were asked to give feedback on the service of their Aureus Account Managers. This was a great opportunity for me to discover, first-hand, how our travelers view the company I’m about to dedicate my summer to.

It’s no secret that every company out there wants to add value and profitability by ensuring customer satisfaction. So how does a company like Aureus Medical set itself apart in a sea of hundreds of staffing competitors trying to do the same thing?

Well, within just a few calls, I noticed a very distinct pattern that continued all day; the reviews were outstanding! The Account Managers are able to add value to their client and their candidates by focusing their efforts on being friendly, professional, and supportive. By emphasizing these simple but important things, they provide a service unlike any others in the industry. They cultivate relationships with their candidate which manifests a great assignment experience for any candidate.

1. Friendliness

Account Managers sit all around me. All day long I eavesdrop on phone conversations between them and their candidates and my immediate observation is this: friendliness is always a top priority. Every conversation includes “How are you doing?” or “How was your weekend?” making sure the candidate feels comfortable before beginning any conversation about business. It seems like such a simple thing but being friendly (and I mean genuinely friendly) goes a long way when someone is putting their trust in you to help them find a job.

2. Professionalism

When it comes to conducting business professionally, Account Managers maintain a mentality of staying positive and optimistic about their work. Whether they are in contact with an HR Manager with a hospital or a candidate (healthcare professional), positivity is always present in the conversation which generates professional contact. Ensuring professionalism is the forefront of the conversation produces a firm relationship between candidate or client and the Account Manager. Another aspect of conducting business professionally is the competence of each Account Manager. After each question about an Account Manager’s professionalism, competency was dually noted exclaiming “They know exactly what they are talking about and make talking about work much easier!” When working with Aureus Medical, you will be sure to be working with an individual who is competent in the industry and who has gone through extensive training to do so.

1. Supportiveness

Being supportive is another small aspect Aureus strives to be with their relationships with their candidates. Giving support to their candidates maintains the positive mentality and continues the professional relationship. Throughout conducting the quality service surveys, I noted how much the employees appreciated the supportiveness of their Account Managers and how much it affected their overall assignment experience in a positive way. For example, after asking one of our employees about the supportiveness of their Account Manager, the employee exerted great enthusiasm about how their manager is always there for them when they need them through positive and negatives outcomes on and off the job. The power of uplifting those you work with is extremely underrated and benefits can easily be reaped in many aspects of the business world.

Now, these three things aren’t only on the forefront of just the Account Managers, but also stretch around the company to Recruiters, Staffing Coordinators, and every position within Aureus Medical and the C&A organization. This aspect alone drives a sense of pride of being involved with a company who strives to provide preeminent customer service. Value creation is the key to finding elongated success and Aureus Medical continues to strive to do so by doing the small things correctly and also by continuing to strive to be the staffing provider and employer of choice by helping people and companies achieve their goals.

Learn more about Aureus Medical and our parent company, C&A. Comment below if you are looking to get more information about a career with this great organization.


Austin SabaliauskasAustin Sabaliauskas is a summer intern with C&A Industries, Inc., working in the Cardiopulmonary division of healthcare staffing agency Aureus Medical, an affiliate of C&A. He’s currently a Junior at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln where he’s pursuing a degree in Accounting and a minor in Finance. Following graduation, he plans to pursue a Masters degree and begin a path to be a CPA. Austin is actively involved with the Sigma Chi Fraternity and serves as the Scholarship Chairman. While not in school or busy at work, he enjoys the outdoors, including fishing, hunting, and playing golf.

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