C&A Interns Volunteer at the Food Bank

C&A’s Skills for Success summer internship program is in full swing and just a few weeks in, our interns have been busy. What makes our program unique from other internship programs is the broad nature of the experience, which combines on the job performance within their roles along with professional development, networking, and community engagement.

Interns break into groups to discuss their DiSC personality and behavior traits.

Beyond their day to day responsibilities within their workspaces, they’ve been honing soft skills and building awareness of their personality traits through training classes such as DiSC, a dynamic presentation by motivational speaker Aaron Davis, and “Feedback that Works”. More professional development training will follow as well as round tables with various departments across C&A, offering the group an opportunity to ask employees about their roles and responsibilities. It’s a great way to gain a big picture understanding of C&A’s framework and how we all work together to achieve success.

Recently our interns volunteered as a group at the Food Bank for the Heartland and learned about the non-profit’s mission. The community component of the summer is always a highlight as it fosters teamwork outside of the workplace and, let’s face it, giving back feels good.

When they arrived, they were given an overview of the organization, who the Food Bank serves, and where their donations come from. They were then split into two groups, one labeling ground meat and the other weighing and boxing snacks and cookies, making a dent into the 40 palettes of product donated by Nabisco. In the end, team C&A contributed just under 35 hours of volunteerism and combined to sort and label nearly 5,000 lbs. of food.

“Overall, I think it was a really great bonding experience and it was so great to be able to help out those in need,” said Mandy Boyle, intern with Aureus University. Victoria Fischetto, who assists with internship program, commented that while it was hard work, the group had a lot of fun and enjoyed the experience.

At C&A, year-round community engagement is part of our company culture. Much thanks to our team of interns who extended this same spirit of giving and generosity.

As we make our way through the summer, we’ll provide more snapshots of the intern experience and follow their progress. You may hear from some of the interns themselves. Stay tuned!

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