C&A Employees receive Light of Wellness Awards from WELLCOM 2019

C&A Shines with Light of Wellness Awards

For the past 16 years, C&A’s wellness program, AurHealth, has continued to engage and empower our employees to live happier, healthier lifestyles. Our committee, comprised of employees representing divisions and departments across C&A, looks for ways to further encourage wellness and to provide resources that support these efforts.

One of the partnerships we have in place is with WELLCOM, a nonprofit organization founded by William M. Kizer which is dedicated to helping businesses integrate wellness into their corporate culture.  Over the years, WELLCOM has helped us benchmark our wellness efforts and progress (three Governor’s Awards!). In addition, it has showcased our employees who embrace wellness and serve as role models for others with the William M. Kizer Light of Wellness Award.  We’re excited that six members of the C&A team were recognized as Award recipients this year!

Background on the Light of Wellness Award

The Light of Wellness Award consists of three categories: Leadership, Health Inspiration, and Health Transformation.  Over the past five years, AurHealth has nominated individuals in the Inspiration and Transformation categories.  For the Health Inspiration category, these employees have been steadfast supporters and active participants in their company’s wellness program.  They inspire and serve as role models for others.  Past C&A winners include Carrie Halford and Ron Hertzberg. For the Health Transformation category, these employees now lead healthier lifestyles and have made a significant health transformation as a result of participating in their company’s wellness program, such as our current team members Kim Beccard and Gina Davis.

2019 Award Recipients

We had an extraordinary and epic evening on October 8th! Congratulations to Windsong “Windy” Bullock, recipient of the Health Inspiration Award and to the first-ever team to receive the Health Transformation Award (Dana Hosier-Fowler, Ashley Lovell, Susan Emmert, Teresa Hiatt, and Jason Johnston)!

WELLCOM Light of Wellness Award Recipient Windsong Bullock of C&A Industries
Windsong “Windy” Bullock accepts the Health Inspiration Award from WELLCOM.

Over the course of their journeys through the WW at Work program, which we make available at C&A, our five co-workers have been able to lose 300 pounds collectively.  Here are a few things they had to say about their progress and successes.

Dana Hosier-Fowler: “I wanted to focus on ME!! Be healthier; change my behaviors, and thought process.  WW offered that.  The biggest piece…we meet at work, over lunch.  It’s easy to fit it into my busy lifestyle!  I’m seeing results and ready to hit my next milestone!”

Ashley Lovell:  “I’ve struggled making a commitment to my health and wellness for a long time.  There was always an excuse.  In August 2018, I dove straight in and never looked back!  I decided to make this time the last time I would “start” my journey.  Down 100 pounds and it wouldn’t be possible without the help of this program and the support of the members.”

Susan Emmert:  “I gradually gained weight. In January 2018 I reached the heaviest I’d ever been (even when I was 9 months pregnant)!  I decided I couldn’t lose the pounds on my own and joined WW.  Through the help and encouragement of the leader and coworkers I’ve lost 25 pounds.  I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in years.”

Teresa Hiatt: “I’m a typical yo-yo dieter.  Doing all the fad diets and never sticking with them.  I’ve been overweight my entire adult life… then some co-workers joined WW and I gave it a whirl.  I saw results right away.  If it wasn’t on-site, I wouldn’t have joined.  I’m down 81.4 lbs.; something I never thought was possible!”

Jason Johnston: “I wasn’t a believer in WW; I thought it’s just another diet/program that just wanted to scam money out of me.  It has been a journey ever since.  In my first 12 weeks I saw a difference.  I lost 2 inches around my waist and wearing pants I haven’t worn for over 20 years.  I feel great!  I’m a WW BELIEVER!”

Among this amazing team of individuals, Windy Bullock, our Health Inspiration recipient, was nominated for her continued commitment to the WW at Work program and to the AurHealth committee. 

Windy embodies and promotes wellness.  She’s a Lifetime Member of WW and their biggest cheerleader who continues to be engaged in the program.  She’s actively involved with AurHealth activities and award applications; mentors new Ambassadors; helps run activities and events, and is always willing to step in wherever she is needed. She also brings positivity to all she does at and outside of work. She shared her thoughts on receiving the award. “Being nominated in this category was very touching.  It was humbling to be recognized for something I don’t look to get credit for.  Having the opportunity to have this platform at C&A, to motivate and inspire others on their wellness journey and in life, is an honor.” 

What an amazing evening recognizing and celebrating such great individual accomplishments. We couldn’t be more proud of our 2019 Light of Wellness Award recipients.

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