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Flourish or Flop: How to Make the Most of Your Internship Experience

Internships are a crucial part of many college students’ experience as they provide invaluable professional experience in a desired field. Schools encourage them, internship specific programs are popping up in more companies each year, and most jobs expect students to have that experience when applying for a full-time position upon graduation. But, simply having the

Become Comfortable, Doing the Uncomfortable: Public Speaking

Often in life we all want to be the best, but rarely do we work as hard as possible to become the best. Let’s be honest, it’s easier to press “yes” when the Netflix screen asks you “are you still watching?” than to get up and finish that paper. One time I thought I could give

Finding The “Perfect” Internship

As college students, we have all felt the intense pressure of finding the “perfect” internship within the time before you graduate. Across all majors, stress is put on gaining “real world” experience to build your skillset before you get that “big kid” job. At this point in our education, I think the majority of us

Part three: Welcoming the C&A Interns!

As this year’s Skills For Success Summer Internship Program wraps up, we are excited to see the full transformation of these interns. They all have been working extremely hard this summer in their divisions as well as the internship program, and we could not be prouder. Here is the third and final part of “Meet

Playing it Safe? Challenge Yourself to Embrace Change

When I was growing up, I would have never thought I would have a sales job or anything in that realm. This became very obvious to me when I was a Girl Scout. We all know that Girl Scout cookies are great, right? Well, my neighbor seemed to disagree and would not buy any from

Part two: Welcoming the C&A Interns!

In May, 27 bright individuals joined C&A Industries’ team for this year’s Skills for Success Summer Internship Program. With only a couple weeks left, our interns have been working diligently to gain more knowledge and develop new skillsets they will use in their future careers. This internship program was designed to develop individuals into young

Professionalism over Partying

“You Are a Niner” was written in bold across the acceptance letter to college that would begin a new chapter in my life. It was time to move out of my small town and head to Charlotte, my new home for the next couple of years. I was excited to finally be moving out of

Part one: Welcoming the C&A Interns!

In May, C&A welcomed 27 talented individuals to participate in this year’s Skills For Success Summer Internship Program. During their time here at C&A, these interns have already participated in various professional development trainings we provide and have become fully immersed within their division. This unique internship program will equip these students with new skillsets

Are You Recognizing Opportunities?

Natalie is currently an Intern with C&A Industries, Inc. through our Skills for Success Summer Internship Program and she is currently working with our affiliate, Celebrity Staff. Opportunities. How many times a day do you hear someone talk about opportunities? If you’re like me, and you work in a staffing industry, hopefully, you hear it

How to Maximize Your First Internship

Landing your first internship is an exciting step in gaining experience in your career field. It can be a huge relief to get your first internship, but it can also be very stressful and nerve-racking. Working through my first internship, I tried to focus on five key things to help me maximize my time...