My Internship Experience

My time at C&A industries and Aureus Medical has been a great learning experience. I have met so many people, whether on the phone talking to nurses or meeting Aureus employees. I came into this internship with previous sales and management experience through a past internship, so I assumed it would be smooth sailing. I figured all I had to do was learn the terminology and the tools and I would be fine – but was I wrong.

I definitely went through some rough patches trying to figure out how to sell myself and not a product. A lot of this position was learning how to intrigue someone quickly enough that they wanted to call you back and work with you instead of another agency. I picked up the information quickly, but every day I learned something new. I learned to go with the flow and be myself because that was what was actually going to attract the nurses. The nurses trust me with their lives and families and if I do not help them find a new opportunity, it could be very bad for their entire family. I may not have had the opportunity to place anyone, but I have talked to many quality candidates and passed them on to team members who will be able to continue working with and helping them. It has been a great experience working with so many people and knowing that I could potentially change someone’s life for the better.

I feel this internship has taught me things about who I am as a person and shown me my strengths and weaknesses. It has not only taught me things about myself, but has also shown me that there are jobs out there where people enjoy coming to work and love what they do. During the internship, I always had someone there to answer my questions and also to encourage me. It seems like in many companies it is a dog eat dog world and everyone fights for themselves. That is not how it is here. This is a company full of great people who want their co-workers to succeed. I would like to thank C&A as a whole for giving me the chance to experience working and learning here.

BrandonMahonBrandon Mahon is a senior at Northwest Missouri State University, double majoring in Business Marketing and Management. He is participating in the internship program at C&A industries, working in the nursing division of Aureus Medical Group, recruiting nurses and working on other projects. Brandon loves meeting new people and competing to bring out the best in himself and others. When Brandon is not working, he enjoys participating in athletics and working out, cheering on the Jayhawks, and hanging out with friends and family.

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