An Intern’s perspective: You did not wake up today to be mediocre

Have you ever seen somebody so focused and in their zone, you can see the excitement and passion radiating from their face, or through their actions and demeanor? Don’t you wish you could channel that energy in your own life and work? This phenomenon is called having relentless motivation.
So, let’s talk about this oh-so-powerful word motivation. After all, it is a quality we all possess, even though it may seem some people completely lack it. In reality a “lack” of motivation is most likely just a sign of this person’s strength(s) and desires not being used in that given activity or situation.

We’ve all sat through lectures, read articles, and heard stories that explain the power of motivation. I don’t know about you, but these experiences always give me a quick feeling of “I can do anything,” but it defuses rather quickly. We are given so much vague information which makes it hard to put into action. Here’s what’s really on all of our minds: “Tell me how to stay permanently motivated; tell me exactly what I’m supposed to do.” However, everyone is completely different, so there’s no single thing that is going to motivate everyone.

Don’t lose hope though! I have provided 4 helpful tips that are simple to tailor fit to you on your journey of becoming more motivated. Remember- at the end of the day, you know better than anyone else what motivates you and how to best improve yourself; these are simply starters to get you going.

1. Identify your strengths
Like I previously mentioned, motivation is unique to each one of us and this is because we all have different strengths and talents. If you are not sure how to pinpoint your specific skill sets and strengths, I would recommend taking the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment to start you down this path. I can’t express enough how important it is to figure these out. Throughout my time at C&A, I have applied my strengths to my everyday work and the difference is unreal. For example, I got to use two of my strengths, restorative and strategic in one of my projects for the summer. I created a survey to send out to the recruiters and account managers in hope of gaining a better understanding for my team to see what we are succeeding in and how we could improve. Essentially, the more you know about yourself, the easier it is to adjust what you need to reach a goal.


2. Set a goal!
The most effective way to become more motivated is to set a goal! Make a very specific, concrete goal that leads to a reward. Make this goal relevant and important to you. I say this because if there is no meaning behind your goal, it is much easier to not follow through. The more you care about the goal, the higher your success rate will be. If you feel like you do this already when setting goals and still can’t follow through, write your goal down or tell someone to help you keep on track.


3. A little admiration goes a long way
Have you noticed that when someone compliments you, an instant rush of positivity goes through your body? Key word here is positivity! A good mood is a main additive to motivation. Think of it like a snowball effect. By showing gratitude to someone, you’re essentially complimenting who they are; This makes them feel important and then they perform better. Once again, good mood and better performance leads to higher motivation. Therefore, don’t forget to give credit where credit is due. You could create something wonderful.


4. Ask Why?
If you start feeling a lack of motivation, stop and remind yourself WHY you are doing what you’re doing. Applying intrinsic motivation or purpose in everything you do will make a world of difference! The more relevant and purposeful you make an activity or task the better you will perform and enjoy it.


These examples may seem simple but that is the idea. Motivation does not need to be a complex process; it should be pretty straight forward. As long as you figure out your strengths, what makes you tick, set that goal, remember why you are doing it, and stay positive, motivation should come naturally!

How do you increase your motivation?


Whitney MillerWhitney Miller is a senior at Creighton studying Finance and Human Resource Management. She is interning with C&A Industries on the Inquiry Coordinator team. Whitney grew up in a small town in Nebraska and goes back as often as she can to enjoy the slower pace and the people who make it great.

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