The Life of the Intern

Every college student is eager to get “real world experience” and figure out if their major relates to jobs they potentially may have. As a marketing major or business major, in general, it can be so confusing to figure out what you truly want to do because you can go so many different directions. When I tell people my major is marketing, more often than not people will say, “What are you going to do with that?” Well, that’s a good question because I don’t really know.

I’m taking classes through the UNL Sales Center of Excellence program which teaches you about the steps that occur in both the buyer and seller’s process, which I love learning about. In those classes we’ve done sales role-plays, helped raise money for a non-profit organization, and sold golf sponsorships to different businesses. They also bring in sales professionals from different companies and industries which has helped me realize I could do that as a career. On the flip side, seeing the media part of marketing through this internship I realized I enjoy the analytics and marketing research.

As an intern for C&A Industries and Celebrity Staff, I have already been put in so many situations that I have never been in before. Learning about it in school is one thing, but putting it to use is another. I got used to “getting comfortable with the uncomfortable” really quick. When I first talked with Patty North, Regional Manager of Celebrity Staff, I told her I wanted to do both the sales side of the business and social media marketing if that was possible. It has been more than possible here. In the first two weeks I was thrown in with the account manager’s training and learning the sales process. The first time I was calling into businesses to see if they had open positions, I had no idea what I was doing. I was scared and felt like I didn’t even know how to form words on the phone. It helped me realize areas I needed to work on and to think before I speak otherwise I was going to get nowhere with the people I was talking to. Eventually, I was having conversations with people and I noticed I was getting further and further into the discussions to finally be able to create leads. Now I’m onto the second part of my internship helping with social media and content marketing, which is more complicated than one may think. Having this second part of my internship is like a course I can’t get in school. I’m only a week into it, and I can see how it affects the clicks on our website and how people react to certain content posted.

The wealth of knowledge I’m surrounded by at Celebrity Staff is impressive to me. Not only are the employees great at their jobs, but they want the people surrounded by them to excel at their jobs, too. It allows me to ask as many questions as I want with no hesitation because I know they want me to grow as an individual. I’m excited to see what the rest of the summer holds for me and see the contribution I will make to the company in the short time I’m here for my internship.

Hannah Krajicek is currently a junior at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree of science in business administration and a certificate in sales excellence. In her free time, she enjoys going to the lake to spend time with her friends and family and traveling to new places.

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