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New graduates, women-owned businesses growth lending to future executive parity
Midlands Business Journal – November 21, 2014
(Celebrity Staff)

Support organizations and businesses alike are addressing gulfs between the likes of women’s participation in college outpacing stagnant male enrollment, and women’s underrepresentation in the executive level. Regional Manager Patty North is seeing more female executives among its Midwestern Celebrity Staff clients. “I think we’re seeing more females being promoted, so it gives us an opportunity to coach individuals,” she said. She referred to CNN Executive Vice President Gail Evans’ book, “Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman,” as a reference, including addressing the issue of leaving arguments at the office door. “Women can’t take business personally,” she said. “I might win, you might win,” but in the end we’re all still on the same team.” She is encouraged by confidence among younger females in business, and what she has noticed in recent years as women becoming more comfortable asking for what they want. There are a number of factors changing some of the positive shifts: North highlighted baby boomers retiring, and making way for high-profile CEOs (such as Yahoo and GM). There isn’t much of a fear, she indicated, with women challenging the system, especially among the younger generation farther removed from the barriers encountered by their grandmothers’ generation. North also sees new “household expectations” carrying over into the workforce. That said, she emphasized the importance of being supportive of young, new female professionals who possibly boast confidence existing employees didn’t have when starting out.

Industry job opportunities far outweigh number of qualified candidates
Midlands Business Journal – October 17, 2014
(Aureus Group)

Information technology professionals are in consensus. Finding good IT talent is challenging and the need is tremendous. Good, talented IT professionals are hard to find, and companies need to realize that candidates with high skills will get multiple job offers, said Linda Aughenbaugh, recruiting manager for the systems division of Aureus Group. The IT profession is a candidate driven market and has been for a long time, Aughenbaugh said. The most growth and in-demand skills are Java and .Net developers, business intelligence, mobile developers, cloud technology and IT security. Moving quick in the hiring process will increase a company’s chances of securing talent. The area’s conservative nature is a weakness, Aughenbaugh said. More progressive companies recognize that a large percentage of IT work can be accomplished from anywhere, and many more people in Omaha and Lincoln telecommute for companies out of state because they can work at home, Aughenbaugh said. “Now that the market is tight again and will remain so, companies need to be more adaptable and flexible to attract the best talent,” she said.

Cushion uncertainty associated with future tax changes with dialogue, organization
Midlands Business Journal – October 10, 2014
(Aureus Group)

The duration of political standoffs is an uncertainty: paying taxes is not. “Corporate tax return preparation and submission follows a similar cyclical workflow each year,” said Chris Carlson-Dennell, managing director of Aureus Group, an affiliate of C&A Industries. “As a result, it is possible to prepare for the process far in advance of its annual arrival.” An important part of planning ahead is ensuring staff are continuously educating on process changes – in a timely manner. “This lead time is important in arming staff at all levels with the right information and provides time for learning curves and determining if you need additional resources,” she said. “Use the prior year’s experience as a tool for planning the upcoming year’s strategy. Learn from what was and was not effective in the past.” What challenges are foreseen? What complications are expected? Are additional resources/hours needed? “When choosing a tax account it’s best to consider what your business needs,” Carlson-Dennell said. “Look at your current workforce and try to find skillsets that balance or complement the current bench strength or competency gaps. Education/CPA, experience, knowledge, talents and taxes,” she said, a strong commitment to the profession, a desire to understand the business and a “knack for clearing up the complicated.” “There is never a one-size fits all endeavor so a history of curiosity, proactive communication and thorough documentation are required to be a successful tax expert,” she said. Aureus Group’s Carlson-Dennell urges open communication and a commitment to move fast when talent is presented. “Finding tax experts is getting more challenging every day,” she said. “Talent drives strategy for all organizations.” “Hiring managers should consistently look for individuals with tax experience. Proactive interviewing ensures organizations are staffed with the appropriate manpower before the tax season begins. Even seasonal (temp) tax workers are typically committed to an employer by November for a January start.”

Continued improvement in job market requires vigilance, fresh approaches
Midlands Business Journal – August 22, 2014
(Aureus Group)

If one were force to isolate a singular “trend” coloring the employment environment, it might very well be the need for hires in an already-low unemployment market – presenting new challenges and opportunities alike for job seekers, employers, and the staffing firms that partner with these groups. In the areas Aureus Group specializes in (finance and accounting, information systems, executive-level positions), managing director Chris Carlson-Dennell said career transitions usually result in a pay decrease. For those considering such a change, she urges self-awareness. “Aligning your talents and cultural fit is equally if not more important than the skills, experiences and knowledge,” she said. “Unfortunately employers hire for skills, experience and knowledge but turnover most likely occurs due to personal conflicts and cultural fit.” Does one need a job for economic, social or achievement needs, she noted, adding that price is, “an expensive career-derailer.” “If you are serious about making a change, it’s critical to understand the industry, study trends, and observe external environments,” she said. “Successful career transitions are made when candidates are able to articulate their passion for the industry and incorporate this information into social settings and formal interviews. Help people help you by being clear and concise about your goals.”

Complexities in health care administration driving increased demand for consultants
Midlands Business Journal – July 11, 2014
(Aureus Group)

Changes in Medicare and implementation of the Affordable Care Act have driven the growing demand for specialized accounting services and consulting. The massive ACA is a game changer for the health care industry, said Chris Carlson-Dennell, managing director of Aureus Group, an affiliate of C&A Industries. “Healthcare reform is complicated,” she said. “The rules are different, the oversight is more encompassing, and the only certainty is that the incredible complexities will continue. This gives CPAs, attorneys and consultants a unique position to assist their clients in navigating through the reform.” Carlson-Dennell said healthcare reform is delaying business decisions, including hiring for small businesses. Some small firms have decided to drop coverage – even though it means paying a fine – and encourage employees to purchase their own insurance through the new exchanges. Many organizations are moving to high-deductible plans, lowering premiums, and giving their employees tax-saving options and more consumer responsibility for their providers and costs of services. “We’ve also seen large companies hiring temporary or full-time benefit specialists to assist with the insurance changes,” she said. “A major challenge is that health care reform comes with a time table that stretches out through 2015 and beyond. The IRS and other government agencies will be giving more details as they go, and standard practice will continue to evolve. Changing times result in more specialized accounting, legal, and consulting careers. “

Finding qualified talent to fill IT positions can be a challenge for many companies
Midlands Business Journal - June 27, 2014
(Aureus Group)

Information technology jobs are hot and workers are in demand, but companies increasingly are finding it difficult to find good talent. The talent pool is getting smaller due to fewer students entering related disciplines in college, said Jillian Huston, sales manager with Aureus Group, an affiliate of C&A Industries. Companies that have the talent have been steadily offering higher salaries along with other perks to keep their workforce in place. The number of IT workers continues to shrink as fewer students enter IT-related studies in college, Huston said, Companies are pulling out all the stops to keep the talent they have, including incentive bonuses, free breakfasts and lunches, and gym memberships. “When candidates do start to seek out other opportunities, there are typically multiple companies vying for them and so the odds of landing top talent is on the decline,” she said. The most qualified IT professionals are not posting their resumes online. They are using alternative strategies like networking groups, social media and technology-focused events. Companies need to differentiate themselves to make their opportunity stand out, Huston said. Partnering with experienced technology recruiters can help uncover talent when the supply is low as well.

Using employment agencies can assist companies, candidates in job searches
Midlands Business Journal – May 9, 2014
(Aureus Group)

Sometimes people need assistance finding the right job and companies need assistance finding the right employees. Local staffing agencies are a great resource to supplement local businesses with the talent they need to grow their business, said Chris Marx, manager at Aureus Group – Executive Search. “Many searches are not advertised and thus using a staffing agency will introduce talented people to these positions,” Marx said. Since talent is coveted by every organization in the metropolitan area, local staffing agencies are great options to help businesses find that talent, Marx said. Part of the value of working with a staffing agency is providing a business with applicants who may not be actively seeking employment. “One of the concerns many job seekers have is the time and effort it takes to search for a different opportunity,” he said. “We alleviate some of those concerns by being an eye on the street to bring appropriate opportunities to applicants.” Job candidates who use employment firms can become more efficient in a job search, Marx said. A staffing firm representative has contacts with hiring officials throughout the area, region or country. Additionally, searching for a new opportunity and making an emotional investment regarding a job change can be hard for some people. “Having the ability to work with a professional that will assist a job seeker with guidance, networking tips and general job search information is priceless,” he said.

Generation Z shaped by global shifts, presents opportunities to seize talents
Midlands Business Journal – March 28, 2014
(C&A Industries, Inc.)

Generation Z’s may be interns, in first jobs or employers will soon be encountering in this generation, frequently described as post-Millennial– born no earlier than the mid-1990s. “The Greatest Generation came in to work, worked, and went home,” said Macey Morgan, a UNL student interning with C&A Industries’ training and development team. “Pay was a driving factor of their success within an organization.” “My generation is based off of emotion. Most of our actions are driven by how we feel. Additionally, my peers and I lived through some tough stuff (9/11, Columbine and other shootings, an economic crisis, and wars in the Middle East to name a few). During those times we always looked toward our parents or guardians for support and guidance and as young adults we seek similar guidance from our employers.” Morgan characterizes her generation as by and large, “very determined.” “We know what we want and we are not afraid to try and get it,” she said. “That being said, everyone has their own way of attaining their goals so employers will see variance from different Generation Z individuals. If our goals are not attained we feel easily defeated and wear our emotions on our sleeve.” For C&A Executive Director of Training and Development Liz Hall, talent like Macey reminds her of much older employees poised to retire/retiring in terms of worth ethic. “They’re really not concerned about titles, they want feedback and want to be coached,” Hall said. The mindset is generally one whereby opportunities are seized, making for the type of people organizations might identify as leadership in the future. Hall, too, suggests attributes shaped by the likes of violence in the schools and bullying – factors that have actually brought young talent closer to their families. “You can’t ignore the value they bring to the organization,” she said, nothing this value comes even as these individuals don’t have their degrees yet. “They are so much more educated than four or five years ago and their focus is being on a student, as opposed to getting a degree. “Two,” she added, “You’ve got to know that they are not taking the position necessarily for title or pay.” From a recruiting perspective, Hall indicated, throwing compensation packages doesn’t necessarily align with Z’ers values. Think in terms of professional and holistic development, work-life balance and schedule flexibility.

C&A Industries Named #1 Employment Agency by B2B Magazine
March 17, 2014
(C&A Industries, Inc.)

C&A Industries, a national leader in staffing and recruiting, has been named the #1 Employment Agency in Omaha by B2B Magazine. This marks the sixth consecutive year that C&A has been recognized among the “Best of B2B”. The announcement was featured in the publication’s March issue.

The publication’s annual “Best of B2B” awards, with results based on readers’ votes, recognizes the top businesses and service providers in the Omaha area. B2B is Greater Omaha’s premiere business publication, featuring the latest business developments as well as features on Omaha’s most prominent business leaders.

C&A’s portfolio of specialized staffing and recruitment firms include Aureus Group, Aureus Medical Group, AurStaff, and Celebrity Staff.

“Our employees are the heart of C&A, so to be recognized as the best among employment firms is a testament to the level of dedication and commitment to excellence of those across our entire organization,” said Scot Thompson, CEO, C&A Industries. “It’s through their outstanding efforts that we are collectively able to serve our customers in such an extraordinary fashion.”

C&A Industries, Inc. Announces the Hiring of Mike Sveum as Chief Financial Officer
February 26, 2014
(C&A Industries, Inc.)

C&A Industries, a national leader in staffing and recruitment and parent company to a portfolio of specialized staffing firms, Aureus Group, Aureus Medical Group, AurStaff, and Celebrity Staff, announces the hiring of Mike Sveum as chief financial officer.

In his role, Sveum will be responsible for financial management of the organization, including direct oversight of accounting, internal audit, and tax reporting.

Prior to joining C&A, Sveum served in various controllership roles in more than 21 years with Valmont Industries, Inc. a publicly traded global manufacturing company. Earlier in his career, Sveum served as controller with Streck, Inc. a leading developer and manufacturer of clinical laboratory products, and as an auditor with the accounting and consulting firm, Seim Johnson.

"We are pleased to welcome Mike to the C&A organization and to our executive management team,” said Scot Thompson, president & chief executive officer, C&A Industries. “He’s a proven leader who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this vital position, all of which will be invaluable to us as we continue on the course of growth and expansion.”

Added Sveum, “I’m excited for the opportunity to join C&A and to contribute to the success of this outstanding organization with a long standing reputation for excellence. Over the years, I’ve watched as the company has evolved and firmly established itself as a leader within the industry. I’m pleased to be a part of its future.”

A native of the Omaha area, Sveum holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with an emphasis in accounting from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He received his Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

C&A Industries is headquartered in Omaha, NE.

Be prepared: Job candidates should set out to fill in the gaps
Midlands Business Journal – February 21, 2014
(Aureus Group)

Finding a job can be challenging enough. One factor that can make it even more challenging is if the job seeker has been out of the job market for a while. Starting with a trusted network is a good way to begin to get back into the job market, said Christ Carlson-Dennell, managing director of Aureu s Group, an affiliate of C&A Industries. Those who haven’t searched for a job in many years should create a clear, concise objective, Carlson-Dennell said. Those who do not know what they are looking for will not be able to find it. Begin by answering a few questions. What are your criteria in selecting an employer? What skills, experiences, knowledge, and talents do you want to use? Where do you want to be in three to five years? “Use your trusted network of past employers, customers, vendors, co-workers friends and family,” she said. “It’s true, who you know matters.”

Growing demand for engineers due to aging workforce, improved economy
Midlands Business Journal – February 21, 2014

The demand for engineers has increased in the last year and a shortage of experienced engineers is being felt, said Kevin Browne, senior account manager with AurStaff, an affiliate of C&A Industries. Mechanical, electrical and civil engineers seem to be in greater demand today as the industry sees a shortage of experienced engineers, Browne said. ”I would attribute the demand to the economy getting back to normal and companies growing and feeling comfortable with hiring again,” he said. “The best way to handle the shortage is for companies to be more willing to give recent college graduates an opportunity right out of college to get experience either through internships or entry level opportunities.” “It is often difficult for recent grads to find a company willing to give them that first opportunity after earning their degree,” Browne said. Browne sees about the same flow of recent graduates looking for new opportunities now as the last few years.

C&A Industries, Inc. announces the addition of Bob Malik to its affiliate, AurStaff
February 13, 2014

C&A Industries, a national leader in staffing and recruitment and parent company to a portfolio of specialized staffing firms, announces the hiring of Bob Malik as branch manager of AurStaff.

In his role, Malik will oversee the day to day operations of AurStaff, a leading provider of staffing solutions serving the industrial, technical, engineering, and architecture sectors. He will be responsible for the creation and implementation of strategies in the areas of account development, talent acquisition, and staff management.

A native of Omaha, Malik brings more than 14 years of experience in the transportation and financial industries to his position with AurStaff. During eight years of tenure with Werner Enterprises, he held positions in the areas of costing, operations, capacity management, and account development. Most recently, he served as assistant brokerage manager of LTL operations with responsibilities relating to the success of the Werner Value Added Services business unit, including the expansion of product offerings and growth of the partner carrier network, operations management, and contract negotiations. Other positions with Werner Enterprises included capacity development manager for the Intermodal division, brokerage pricing manager, and customer development manager.

Additionally, Malik served as account executive with First National Merchant Solutions (now TSYS), as well as held marketing and sales positions with TD Ameritrade.

“My passion for building relationships with people has been the cornerstone of my career success,” said Malik. “I look forward to leading an exceptional team with AurStaff, broadening what is already a loyal customer base, and making a positive impact on an organization with an established reputation for excellence within the staffing industry and the marketplace.”

"We are pleased to welcome Bob to AurStaff and to C&A's management team," said Scot Thompson, president & chief executive officer, C&A Industries. "His proven success in sales and client relations combined with his enthusiasm for our business make him an outstanding fit for our dynamic and growing organization."

A member of the Omaha Young Professionals Council, Malik’s professional involvement also includes the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, Omaha Area Sales Professionals, and Transportation Recruiting Professionals.

C&A Industries and AurStaff are headquartered in Omaha, NE.